Triodler (Toprak Kaçak Koruma Sistemleri)

Earth Leakage Relay Accessory [CBCT]


Compact, Reliable, Accurate, Flexible Design,
Detection of Earth Leakage Relay, Panel Mount

Current Transformer Type

Core Balance Current Transformer

Operating Range: 30 mA – 30A

Certification: CE

    Ürün KoduMalzeme TanımıListe Fiyatı Ad / $
    EKAR2-LCT.K.A.K. Rölesi (Ray Tipi-Dijital) 10mA-30A / 230V AC195 $
    EKAR1-AT.K.A.K. Rölesi (Ray Tipi-Analog) 30mA-30A / 230V AC110 $
    EWT-35Ø35mm Kapalı Tip Toroid Akım Trafosu33 $
    EWT-70Ø70mm Kapalı Tip Toroid Akım Trafosu45 $
    EWT-120Ø120mm Kapalı Tip Toroid Akım Trafosu98 $
    EWT-210Ø210mm Kapalı Tip Toroid Akım Trafosu173 $
    EWT-310Ø310mm Kapalı Tip Toroid Akım Trafosu395 $
    EWT-470460x160mm Kapalı Tip Toroid Akım Trafosu2100 $
    DisplayLCD display (Actual value of Leakage Current) With back lightBargraph (% of set point)
    Auxiliary Supply90-270V AC/DC
    Burden On Supply<3 VA
    Set Point (IΔn)A-(0-999mA)
    1 0A-(1 -9.99A)
    Pre- Alarm: 50-90% of Leakage current setting0.03, 0.1, 0.3, 0.5, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0, 10.0,
    20.0 & 30.0 Amps
    DelayPower ON Delay: 0-99.9 sec Trip Time Delay: 0-99.9 sec
    Recovery Time Delay: 0-99.9 SeC (Auto Reset)
    0 (< 25mS for Fault current >5xlth),
    60, 150, 250, 500, 800 msec, 1, 2, 5, 10, Sec
    Relay Contacts2 Potential free contact (NO, C & NC)
    (energise or de-energise on trip programmmable)
    1 Potential free contact (NO, C & NC) (Energise on trip)
    ResetAuto / Manual programmeManual
    Trip Relay10mA - 30 Amps80 - 90% of Set point
    Alarm Relay (Optional)50-90% of Trip Setting50% of Set Value
    Contact Rating5 Amps / 230VAC / 28VDC
    TemperatureOperating: -100C to 700C, Storage: -200C to 700C
    HumidityUp to 95% RH
    Dimensions93x35x68 mm(LxBxH)Refer diagram E on page no. 22
    InputCBCT 35/70/120/210 mm ID
    Special FeaturesPassword Protection, Bargraph as % of set point, CBCT open circuit detectionCBCT open circuit detection